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Alert: Do You Know Why Most Australian Property Investors Invest Blindfolded?

Australian property investors

Private and off-market transactions, don’t be fooled by myths or half truths because property investments are totally changing…

Billions Of Dollars Pouring Into Real Estate From Every Direction…Are YOU Positioned to Profit or Perish?

The total Australian residential market is valued at approx $5.3 trillion,  so do you want unique and uncontested opportunities?

Is it a new age in real estate investing or is there more to the story?

Australian residential market
The total Australian residential market is valued at approx $5.3 trillion, want unique and uncontested opportunities?

The truth is your mental paradigms are constantly shifting…

Do you think real estate success demands that the average investor must take critical action to beat odds to find those profitable deals?

What if you’re stuck and you’ve grown skeptical:

  • You Don’t Have Good Credit Score
  • You Don’t Have Financing for Purchase
  • You Don’t Have any Money for Startup Costs
  • You Don’t Have any Money for Down Payments
  • You Can’t Find any GOOD Deals in Your Area
  • You Don’t Have any Money to Pay for Legal Costs
  • You Don’t Know What the 1st Step is to Get Started
  • You  Have ZERO Experience or Knowledge About Real Estate 
  • You Don’t Have any Money for Marketing to Bring in Deals
  • You’re Afraid to Get Started, Make Costly Mistakes or Spend Time and Not Have any Success
  • You’re Working Full Time Job and Don’t Have Much Time to Devote to Your Real Estate Business…

In property investments, everyone and their mother says they’re EXPERTS and have the next BIG SECRET to  your real estate riches.

That’s why you need to remain aware of what’s really happening in property investing or risk falling behind the pack and fizzling out…

Press play button to see what I’m talking about now!

The fact is most property investors aren’t wealthy. Why?  Because they don’t know the real differences between appreciating and depreciating assets, beneficial and non-beneficial liabilities…

Is death by investing stretching boundaries and making you broke: 

  • Want to rise above fear, worry and crowd of misled wannabes
  • How to survive in current real estate market, when most fail
  • Should resistance to change be critical factors to your success

What if you already invest, are you like most clueless investors without a clear property investments structure and game plan? 

property investor homework
Billions Pouring Into Real Estate From Every Direction Are YOU Positioned To Profit Or Perish?

Do you buy properties blindfolded hoping it’ll work out:

  • High infrastructure areas where jobs are stable or created
  • High employment areas where population growth is supported
  • High or strong demands in population leads to housing shortage
  • High demand for property supports rental returns and growth

Are you starting to see real estate from a different perspective as a vehicle you can use, even if you aren’t an experienced investor?

Dear Property Investor,

Can you imagine for a moment what its like, maybe you’ve been there…

We all know that feeling of being punched in the gut, so allow the FACTS to do all the talking, carefully read every word or die

You’ve struggled to get your investments off the ground.

Fighting for every dollar, you’re no closer to your goal today than yesterday.

You’re starting to wonder if you’re even cut out to be an investor?

Do you believe the lies with bait-and-switch real estate industry reports are designed to throw your logical mind out the window?

And just in case you’re thinking there’s no doubt the best deals are coming and going quickly, (great deals get closed within hours)…

The goal is to immediately show you exactly what to fix, and what needs to happen in order to grow cash flows and revenues by 10X…

Has it gotten way harder for you to find good deals?

Surely, you’ve noticed any below market deal has a parade of buyers fighting for it, long before you even get to it…

Did you know 97% of what you’re doing is bogging you down?

Yes, actually stopping you from earning as much as you can. You’ve seen that nightmare in action, so this is for serious investors only.

You got to get your foot off-the-brakes to skyrocket your income...

No guts, no glory, you’re NOT going to get sucked into anything bad or reckless because you can’t be tricked the FACTS don’t lie. 

The best strategy to find your next profitable property deal is to analyse data and crunch numbers on locations you’re interested in.

Ultimately you want the #1 step-by-step  guide to best deals, is this insider secrets exclusive and unique guide right for you?

It’s not your typical “property investors” guide that’s full of fluff…

This is going to lay the foundations as we reveal and get you clear on exactly who influences your property investment decisions.

So…is it your family, friends, media or next door neighbour?

Yes, no, maybe?

So if you’re having a hard time, let me give you a quick run-down…

Do you ever sweat it out, feel a sudden knot in the pit of your stomach just before you’re about to make a sizable purchase?

You probably know the must-do, push-pull agony, gut-wrenching pain of making a deceptively simple financial decision, right?

You haven’t had your breakthrough, because you’re overwhelmed by the whole process and it keeps you paralyzed in a state of fear…

It’s just too much, isn’t it?

property investor fear
So you’ve decided to seriously look at your property investment to help you achieve your long term goals but, you feel yourself gripped by terror…

Which is why you’ve gotta “Read This or DIE!”

Because nearly all property investors have the stuffing stomped out of them before they get even a toe-hold on the real estate gold rush.

Most start with an overzealous attitude, very confident, enthusiastic and fire in their belly…

Yet sure as shootin’ fish in a barrel… 95% still die a nasty investors death…beaten down and shaking with their tail between their legs.

The ripple effects of investing with fear:

  • How to find the best deals
  •  Finding the responsive buyers
  • Negotiating with sellers when you don’t really know how
  • Inspecting properties when you don’t know jack squat about repairs
  • Estimating values knowing you’re guessing and rolling the dice with your future
  • Filling out contracts and forms apparently created by lawyers who think they’re smarter than us
  • Guessing at how much profit you should make for yourself
  • Picking a price out of thin air not knowing if deal is feasible
  • Having to find a buyer with the clock ticking
  • Not knowing how to handle complicated closes
  • Million other steps that all have the same affect on you…

And you may be familiar with analysis paralysis?

So do you play it safe?

Can I tell you something personal? Let’s straight shoot because almost everyone has a flawed opinion about property investing.

Number one biggest and most common mistake is indecision.

Yes, to make your selection based on a few days of conversations…

The word “risk” strikes fear into the hearts of many people.

Are you risk averse?

Property investing is not about trial and error, unless you enjoy losing money…

best property investments
Almost everyone has an opinion on where are the best deals and places to invest in property…

If you’ve tried and failed, it’s not your fault…

In full transparency, can I let you in on a secret? Do you want to hear the forbidden property investing truth?

There are lies about property investing you probably believe…

What if you believe passive income is continual?

And what if you believe your wealth is inevitable?

The truth is every investor has a blindside or two true weak points…

If you already know this, you understand why some people almost always make money in property and why most others fail dismally.

Even though it’s brutally honest and will shock many of you, it’s not about terrifying you with sensational or over-the-top headlines…

You want the facts laid out.


Would you rather wait for a financial disaster and be completely unprepared?

It’s a fact, that’s a simple reason why most of the information you’ve read about real estate investing is misleading and a big lie…

property investment decisions
Even though it’s brutally honest and will shock many of you, it’s not about terrifying you with sensational or over-the-top headlines…

If you’re offended and walk away saying “it couldn’t be that bad.”

Now, here’s the dangerous surprise…

All this information is getting more-and-more mainstream.

So the bloodcurdling key point is…can you handle the truth?

What if you want to find the right property, avoid property pitfalls and common most costly mistakes?

What if you want to know market trends and insights to maximise your profits and successes when buying?

Lots of popular “expert” advice you see in  property investment magazines and websites are manipulative, which isn’t effective.

And at times very detrimental…

The idea of property prices are always going up is deliberately spread and promoted to keep you confused and buying useless information.

Beyond the greed factor, there are too many other reasons so much information is intentional bullshit.

WARNING: The following information may force you to rethink much of what you know about real estate investing.

In fact, do you know what’s the quickest way to lose your shirt in property, make sure you don’t flush your money down the toilet.

There are plenty of landmines, scary, costly mistakes and pitfalls to avoid as scores of property investors lose LOTS of money…

Australia is the world leader in excessive median house prices, source: 10th Annual Demographia International Housing  Affordability Survey: 2014

And for many property investors this means they are going to be disappointed, because they own or buy the WRONG properties…

Imagine you know where to look and what to do, this gives you a tremendous advantage over other real estate investors.

You want to know how many properties can produce $50k in passive income, so you’re financially independent and can retire, right?

Why do so many real estate investors continue to follow the myths and crazy advice, which ensures they end up broke or back of pack?

Most property investor’s logical impulse is to jump on a bandwagon and cash in (maybe you’ve tried the buy low and sell high strategy)

Buy low, sell high strategy only works if you can predict the market…

You’ve probably heard of non-performing assets, right?

Holding a non-performing investment which tanks (real estate values plunge) doesn’t make money, so sellers would rather sell at a loss.

buy low sell high strategyNow, don’t be surprised when buying assets timing is everything, market timing is the #1 strategy of making buy or sell decisions…

You’ve probably asked the same questions?

Do you know why so many property investors invest blindfolded? (i.e. buy high or pay higher prices)…

Can you easily spot buy low patterns or sell high cycles in your area?

What if you can see the demand coming and focused on when to buy?

Well, by the time you realise there is demand, it’s probably already too late to capitalize on it, (that’s income not going in your pocket).

Plus there is lots more financial risks (borrowing) and competition…

supply and demand
Prices are driven by stock of new houses built in comparison to demand, a significant factor of which is population growth.

Yes, this part alone will be a real eye-opener for many.

And there’s a specific sweet spot you should be looking for, as you’ll soon see…

Carefully read every word revealed in this special report right away because the information is startling, controversial, even frightening.

And that’s precisely what makes it so incredibly valuable to you!

If you’re offended by the idea of finding property at a really low price and selling at a higher price, this isn’t for you.

The fact is, no one is forced to buy anything, so if you feel it’s morally wrong to buy low and sell property at higher prices, this isn’t for you.

Want to make more money on obscure, grossly undervalued deals which have been largely ignored by most Australian investors?

It’s only fair to warn you about these remarkable and profitable deals, they aren’t going to wait for you or anybody else for that matter…

The real question to ask yourself is when is it time to buy?

And when is it time to sell?

What’s really important is to remove the mental “blinders” or you’ll miss out on the most profitable opportunities.

As mentioned earlier, when you decide to sell, you sell only when the buyer really, really wants it…

Anyway you look at it, it’s very important to understand everything you’ve ever seen or heard about property investing is all wrong. property investing

Doesn’t this just make you want to scream?

Bogus tax advice, fatal financial advice, disastrous and terrible real estate advice…

You name it, all massive and costly mistakes are made!

The media is full of it and people who don’t know any better are lapping it up and that’s why it’s crucial to leave nothing to chance.

Don’t be fooled by the lies, investing is all about rate of return…

Listen, it’s not what you’ve been told; you need to strategically position all assets to give you guaranteed cash flow with income.

If you want to be ridiculously successful and you want to crush it in context to wealth and lifestyle then your strategy is everything…

Don’t let property investing intimidate you…what if you start small, get consistent results and scale big?

TIP: Keep it simple or you run the risk of really magnifying costly mistakes, of course use your own judgement…

Does that help you get into the right mindset?

Your mindset is going to be the most important part of all your success, because real estate is all about developing relationships.

passive income This is where you find the golden opportunities…

The reality, it isn’t easy to get the right people responding to your communications quickly and effectively.

This tip avoids 98% of scams that eat your profit margins…

And if you consistently follow the tips with suggestions below you can greatly increase your results.

If you want dependable, passive income, you need to know what the profit margin is when you buy (more accurately, even before you buy).

Yes, passive income is good…

You want passive income, but rate on return gets you to the top of mountain faster (real measurable returns in profits on investments).

You’ve seen and read it all before as you’re led down the garden path, while you struggle to get little return which should be much higher!

Look, if you could just walk in, grab a profitable deal and make money, everyone would be doing it, right?

It takes knowledge, skill and a willingness to dig deep to find hidden treasures.

It’s very important to train your brain to be on the lookout.

That being said, if you’re careful, understand what you’re doing, and know what to avoid you can make a KILLING…

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering:

  • Get “direct contacts” nobody else knows about
  • Find deals nobody else knows or has access to
  • How to structure deals for massive profits
  • Amazing case studies (step-by-step all explained)

Ultimately, you want to know exactly what puts multiple thousands of dollars in monthly cash flow via your property investments, right?

This gives you the lifestyle with income protection and cash flow…

Any beginner or experienced property investor asks three simple questions before jumping into any property investment:

  1. Where do I find initial investment money
  2. How do I find the wholesale properties
  3. What do I do next…

Are you the type of property investor who wants to accelerate your real estate portfolio and enjoy true wealth?

If you’re serious about your property investing success, do the numbers stack-up for each deal in context to  return rate of an investment growing with compound interest:

  • Investment required
  • Savings or instant equity
  • Wholesale/under market cost price
  • Independent valuation
  • Rent per week
  • Rental yield
  • Cash on cash return
  • Loan to value ratio (LVR)
  • Rate of return

Property investing could be your tool to achieve financial goals.

Most important is to truly understand your cash flow position and reason why elimination of myths and misconceptions are crucial…

Firstly, please give this question some serious conscious thought.

Do you think about how much cash flow you want each month?

You need a strategy which sets the momentum and frequency in which you invest in property as this determines your income.

If we were meeting one year from today…

Looking back over those 12 months, what would had to happen in your life?

Yes, personally and professionally in order for you to be really happy with your results?

Listen closely, what if you’re like most property investors, confused, overwhelmed, frustrated…not even close to being wealthy or free?

Do you think investing is about buying property and your net worth?

Real estate means every decision is strategic, and inflating your net worth isn’t a business model…

Listen, you don’t need to focus on net worth.

Why would you want to set a dollar investment amount and tie this figure to the income goals you want to generate each month?

We’re not here making this stuff up to collect cash, our reputation is riding on the performance of your successful results.

You need extensive research to ensure each project or property investment is either or a combination of the following:

  • Cash flow positive
  • High profit margin
  • High cash on cash
  • High rental yield
  • Rate of return (ROI)

Remember, there really is a lot at stake here,  that’s why what we’re about to share with you is guaranteed to add more fuel to your fire. property investing

What’s your big question?

We often get asked from a lot of investors…is there a better way to get started without the costly mistakes and headaches?

In property, there is a reason behind the idea of buy low and sell high.

Sounds easy in theory, however you need to separate fact vs. fantasy.

Yes, you need real world numbers with demographic research, which points you clearly to the strong growth areas in next few years, right?

You can do this by researching:

  • Planning policies
  • Planning restrictions
  • Public/private organisations expenditures in relevant area
  • Population mobility in context to who is moving in and out of the area and why (document and make a checklist of these reasons)
  • Demographic changes in area
  • Income changes, types of people, families and individuals moving in and out of area

So let me explain how this system (sure-fire way to do it) works and why this fits into your lifestyle and wealth creation goals:

  1. Accurate valuation is critical
  2. Sourcing and structuring for tax and optimal capital
  3. Drivers, metrics and financing structures…

Do you think your investment has so much more potential? If you feel discouraged because it’s not taking off like you thought it would…

Look, even if you’re skeptical about property, you’re in the right place.

When you boil it all down, chances are, the real reason you invest or are looking to start investing is because you want capital growth.

Fact, if you don’t know what you’re doing, choices you make in your property investments may involve costly mistakes and loss.


Because 9 out of 10 investors fail to realize no one more so than yourself has your best interest at heart…does that make sense?

Especially when it comes to investing your own money, right?

Allow me to quickly expand on this conversation…

You see, 9 out of 10 real estate investors only focus on capital gain (appreciation) and that’s the only factor you can’t truly control.

So property investments success is what you know and who you know, and what you ultimately do with your skills and knowledge.

Brokers and account managers earn big commissions and bill more fees as your portfolio grows, so what if they make costly mistakes?

Of course, you inherit the pain and suffer the consequences, right?

Think about it…

Someone else makes a decision and establishes your strategy, plays with your money and hopes for the best while you take all the risks. real estate investor

Simple, right?

You need to use the power of leverage to build wealth.

More than a few have, starting from little to no money or savings of their own…

Now you get real proof and share with you a core strategy with very useful unconventional information completely free of charge.

Together we’ll do research so you can improve your investing success and financial results and most definitely your retirement goals.

You need to always focus on minimizing risks as well as spotting opportunities with a margin of safety into every purchase.


Because it’s very important for you to learn how to identify real value, and focus on the downside, as the upside (profits) take care of itself…

You’ve got to know how to best finance your property and how to crunch key numbers in the simplest terms possible.

That way, you’ll know your property is profitable from day one.

“Think about each property you buy as a strategic wealth creation tool and real estate as a cash flow business…

You need cash coming in from your investment to pay the carrying cost of your investments”…

You see the power in that?

The strategy?

So far, so good, knowledge is key to your continued success.

Learn how to use this power and there’s no stopping you.

Keep reading every word carefully, as I share a proven blueprint and strategy with powerful true story…

Everything we’ve sharing works and continues to get results on the street and in the real world.

This isn’t something we just dreamt up!

After all, leverage can be a two-edged sword.

If you decide to invest in the right way, borrowing money can help you make a lot more money.

Let’s face it!

If you choose not to educate yourself first and you overpay for your properties or get the wrong kind of financing….

Borrowing money can lead to lots of stress, bills and heartache.

property investor For example…

If you’re negatively geared or in a financial slump right now, staying motivated isn’t easy.

So how do you start turning your property investing debts into passive monthly income?

Whether you like it or not you’d be amazed at how many real estate gurus are selling you pipe dreams…

They trick you into falsely thinking about assets and liabilities.

If you’ve been to any property events, seminars, read the latest magazines or books on property investing.

Do you think your financial education and spending habits are key to your wealth?

Slow down for just minute, do you still think property investing is confusing:

  • Not sure what’s the best place to invest?
  • What’s the best type of loans?
  • Does some of this sound familiar?

Have you noticed as the property market gets hot, all the spruikers, scams and empty promises with signs of lending increasingly spread like wild fire as the word gets out…

Property investing as a strategy is simple, but decisions are complex, it’s never either or because nothing is straightforward as it appears.

You want your buffer and contingencies in place…

What if you’re a savvy property investor, chances are you know exactly what I’m talking about.

How often do you hear amazing stories of other property investors:

  • Buying property for a dollar or no money down
  • Raking in thousands a week or per day
  • Driving luxury and expensive cars
  • Taking outrageously gorgeous holidays
  • Enjoying freedom to work when, where and how they want

Do you know and understand what’s the truth behind extraordinary results?

Maybe you desperately want to see exactly how it feels to enjoy the same lifestyle?

Did you know seminars and courses are the real estate gurus default platform of choice for selling their stuff?

They say…Buy Now! (there’s a new sucker born everyday)

If you’re like most people you realise its wrong. You know the reason why buying now is wrong?

The stakes are high and danger lurks for those unprepared.

So…why do so many people blindly dive into property investments?

First, there’s more to property investments than meets the eye. 

  Most home study courses don’t work if you copy their same “one size fits all approach” (it’s all mostly a big joke)…

The outrageous high costs don’t guarantee you’ll even buy a property at the end of it.

The reason to point this out is because in many cases specific goals of a property investor is crucial, more important than actual strategy.

More on that later…

The methods taught by most real estate guru home study courses and seminars priced at $5K-20K are not the cheapest option.

Yes, it costs you a small fortune to implement the strategies.

Yes, there’s actual cost of spending money looking for deals and mistakes.

It’s natural for most people to screw up their first buys.

Are you blowing huge sums of money trying to get it all right:

  • Defining your goal
  • Identifying your value add
  • Criteria and opportunities
  • Determining profitability
  • Controlling deal and capital
  • Executing on your plan
  • Tracking and improving

It’s like walking into “no mans land”…a vortex and something you already can understand because you’ve experienced it.

The tough part is everyone’s giving you conflicting advice. buying property investments

Also the lack of financial training taught means you’re left to fend for yourself! 

Yeah it all sounds good in theory!

You may be wondering what’s the right investment strategy to use to add more profits?

Why leveraging an exceptional strategy is how to multiply wealth?

Property investments are very specific and beyond comprehension of a lay man…so to speak.

The concept per say might be easy to understand.

Functionality and technicality, it requires very deep pockets and specialised knowledge of finance and real estate industry as a whole.

There are two types of people who would consider property investments:

  1. People who are fairly less knowledgeable
  2. Property investors who know quite a bit

In both cases, real estate gurus would not be an ideal source for you, let me explain why?

If you’re new to property investments, you’d only want to start from an authentic source.

On the other hand…

What if you already have basic understanding of property investing?

You know almost everything a real estate guru has to offer.

Even if you come across something new always validate it using a more credible and reliable source…

protect your assets

Are you being lured into a false sense of security? 

So many people do not know a single fact about the risks of property investing. 

Yes, you’ve done a good job to get yourself to the level where you are now…

What changes helps to get your investing to the next level?

Anyway , right now is where I’m supposed to “pitch” you on a new property investment home study course or seminar.

Please put away your credit card, it just ain’t gonna happen.

To be fair, sometimes home study courses, seminars or boot camps work if you’re up for tempation of hitting your head against a wall.

And you’re confident you can stick with it for months until you get experience with results.

Maybe the biggest flaw is your mindset and skill sets?

To look at yourself and point out shortcomings, this isn’t an easy step to do; yet until you find the holes, there’s no way they can be filled.

You’re told to read 100’s of real estate or property investment books, and you need to attend as many seminars…

Even forced into spending thousands on home study programs.

What you’re finding is none of it was really working for you.

There’s barely enough time in a week to sit down read books.

What about magazines or watch DVDs?

Let alone implement the so called easy “action steps”…

Even when you do apply what you’ve learned, it doesn’t really solve your problems…

fear of investing

Success is coming to the realisation of what is holding you back.

No doubt you’re busy doing day-to-day activities.

You’ve got sheer guts and determination to move forward because you understand property investing is painful and bloody hard work.

Perhaps you’re waiting for property financing or next call from your real estate agent who would offer you an absolute cracker of a deal?

Maybe you’re in a place where you feel lost, not knowing what you are supposed to do now with nowhere to turn, nowhere to go?

What you do know, understand and done has gotten you to where you are right now.

It’s going to take someone or something different to make the next jump happen.

Property investing is simply a process.

It’s a process which can either work for you or against you.

The property business can strategically be divided into 1 of 3 core areas:

  1. Research
  2. Investments
  3. Management

Improving any of these three areas, which can actually be done very quickly as you understand…

It’s far more profitable than anything else you can do for your investing.

Truth is, property investing its essentially a spiral and loop.

It feels out of control as each of those pieces of the puzzle are just as important as each other, (you can either spiral up or spiral down).

Profitable property investments, as property investors, nothing is more frustrating than locating a killer positive cash flow deal…

Only to run into snags trying to get finance.

property finance

Look, it’s no secret real estate gurus wave their magic wand in the air with their property cliches and promise to end all your lending woes.

Do you think it really is that easy?

There are so many key hidden factors influencing the value of a residential property.

If you’re doing your diligence, it means differences between streams of cash flow or throwing money away with crushing losses.

You want new skills to get to a very high level.

Let’s face it…

You already know there is so much useless advice out there and none of it is specific to you or your own investing.

Your goals are slightly different from everyone else, which means the solutions to your problems are going to be different.

We reveal little-known and sophisticated property investing strategies with proven ways to become a professional, savvy, street smart and successful property investor:

  • Want to know how you can buy property faster, cheaper and easier even if the market is tanking
  • The correct principles and knowledge most property investors will never know or use for profitable deals
  • How to leverage other people’s time and money to get long term wealth via strategic property investments

Now before we move forward, want a road map of where you can buy to save time, money and frustration?

Which property is undervalued or what’s going to show strongest return?

What if the property investing “school of hard knocks” didn’t apply to you? Want to avoid the most costly property investor pitfalls?

property investors fear

Action is the ultimate success measurement.

Get started on the road to mind-blowing breakthrough results.

Property investing, the real secret to making money is in speed of implementation.

You want a real world in-depth look into your property investments strategy and how it works.

You want hands-on real-world wins, which gets you into “profitable investing growth mode”.

Want to take next step in living the great Australian dream.

Maybe you don’t know where to start?

Would these valuable property investments help you on your way?

Overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated, you’re looking to grow your property investments portfolio…

Maybe you’re stuck and are struggling to get to the next level…

Look, most real estate gurus don’t teach the right kind of strategic property investing.

Want to use our proven system and get the live help you need?

property investments

Finally maximise the returns from your property investments…

P.S. Nobody is really talking about real property investing strategies clearly from value investing and responsible use of productive debt.

Do yourself a big favour, whether it’s with this coaching or through some other way because you owe it to yourself:

  1.  Only buy income producing properties at cash flow prices
  2. Must adequately capitalise on each property
  3. Preferably buy at or below market value.
  4. Follow cash-flow fundamentals to avoid “bubble” markets
  5. Finance based on fixed-rate loans
  6. Choose tenants as carefully as you choose your properties
  7. Managing properties well and maintaining high occupancy…

This is not for everybody. You see, we’re quite picky about who we’ll speak with so we’ve got a strict (reasonable) set of criteria you must meet in order for us to proceed:

  • You must be serious about your property investments, (this is not for people who see their investing as a hobby)
  • You should ideally have some knowledge and investing experience
  • You must be open to doing something different (especially if what you’re currently doing isn’t working)

If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to a real property mentor personally about getting you incredible results, great.

We’ll happily set aside 15 minutes no-cost session with you.

This property mentoring invitation is extremely limited because of intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results.

Yes, it’s impossible to work with more than a handful of people (the window of opportunity won’t be open for very much longer).

You realise there’s a very large demand for personal one-on-one property mentoring.

What we’re offering is unprecedented…so go ahead and apply now! property investments mentoring australia P.S.STo be a successful property investor,  you need to do your homework, plan, assemble your team, strategically think ahead.

Ready…set…go to take advantage of today’s extraordinary values.

If you want an advantage or extra edge, figure out your strengths and weaknesses. 

There are many problems which stop property investors creating real wealth from property.

Just in case you missed the point to all of this earlier…

There’s no better way to learn than to get your head kicked in from real projects and experience.

You simply can’t learn property investing sitting in a classroom.

If you pick the right property mentor with a mix of hands-on real world projects and experiences it can be priceless.

Yes, you’re talking to a real person with significant in-depth industry experience beats theory in terms of usefulness.

This one’s really up to you…

What do you want to see next?

Remember its not your usual bullshit real estate guru course, seminar or boot camp.

This is all about you, your profitable property investment results, (freebie seekers should not apply).

You want to position yourself to take advantage of market conditions and opportunities.

You want to understand property investing strategies at a level which very few investors even know about.

We’re helping property investors like you use the right approach.

Yes, it’s one-on-one and personalised to your unique specific goals, because it’s all crucial to your confidence in moving forward:

  • Maybe you feel you can’t see the forest for the trees
  • Too many problems,  distractions and unanswered questions
  • May be you feel like you don’t have a lot of experience
  • Way too much conflicting information and differing opinions
  • Fear of failure or you just can’t seem to get great results

Why read when you can take control and make it happen.

You really can do property investments, you’re at the tipping point.

It’s time to finally silence that nagging voice in the back of your head…

Spaces are very limited because we simply can’t possibly talk to everyone, so it’s restricted only to the first 7 people for now.

Property Investors Strategy

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Lastly… think of this, we’re not talking about me, are we?

We’re talking about you, so do yourself a big favour…you understand this is all about you and loved ones future.  

Your continued success...  

Your lifestyle!

 Property Investments

Disclaimer: There is a substantial risk associated with property investments. Your results are dependent on many factors, including hard work, starting capital and experience. No representation or implication is being made that your participation in our coaching program generates profits or ensures freedom from substantial loss.

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