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WARNING: Property Investors Are Being Sold Real Estate Pipe Dreams…

real estate pipe dreams
You are being sold real estate pipe dreams…

Unlocking the riches…how far away are you from financial freedom? Shouldn’t the real story be about what real estate gurus do to improve their bottom line now?

Australians have long had a love affair with residential property.

In fact, Australia has one of the highest rates of home ownership in the world because investing in residential real estate is a popular dream and strategy, which for many has turned into reality…

Almost every property investment seminar and course out there talks about making big money investing in real estate.

What the real estate guru “philosophers of freedom” don’t tell you is even a monkey in an upwards trending market can create more wealth than a genius property investor in the wrong market with less effort and risk…

real estate guru
Real estate gurus “philosophers of freedom”…

Unlocking the secret to real estate wealth: All these property “courses”, “seminars” and “make money systems” are mostly a joke and they’re all being sold to you by guys who make all of their money by getting their friends to promote courses about making money.

We’ve had many sleepless nights wondering if the “anti-guru” stance would drag our company into financial ruin by killing off the very competitive advantages which allows these jokers to manipulate this industry…

Real estate gurus tell you that you can make million dollars through property investing. Very few are prepared to tell you the real truth about structures and paperwork involved.

The obligations you need to meet as a landlord in context to taxation from the day you
put your signature on the dotted line.

Many new property investors are not aware of their record keeping requirements,
including the complexity of depreciation schedules and capital gains tax registers.

Most new investors and many more seasoned property investors do not grasp the importance of these records for each investor.

Property Investments Now has a mission of helping people regain independence before profits even though it might eat into our bottom line, but massively helps our mission:

  • This is not about a five glossy 300-page property investments course
  • This is not about a three day $10,000 dollar property investor’s seminar
  • This is not about a twelve DVs and eight audio CDs property cash flow class

Are you ready for the shift in the way you position your own property investments? As property investors, cash flow changes are results from payments of tax, borrowings, debt, paying expenses related to asset acquisitions or selling, equity, investing and financing activities over a period of time.

Wouldn’t it be great if every renovation project or property development was straightforward and went without a single complication or hiccup? Is it really possible?

Pain is a cruel teacher, yet learning from other’s pain works better because in property investing, there are effective direct and indirect methods to keep processes running smoothly with tradies or contractors, most of the time and get it resolved as quickly asap.

property investment coaching

In fact, these are effective, reality based life case studies gained by experience, which helps give you breakthroughs, extreme clarity and confidence to get into deals, generate positive cash flows, showing you exactly how to get profits…

Look, the vast majority of people who purchase courses will never do anything with them, so it is up to you to research resources until you’re absolutely sure you’re ready to apply.

One way is by going to free or very low-cost real estate investor meetings, clubs and associations in your area and linking up with successful local, non-real estate gurus.

The most important element you want to master is how to find motivated sellers. Most effective methods take time to set up and implement and cost money. Property investor strategies which are not time or money-intensive take a lot of consistent effort.

The fundamentals principles of any real estate investing technique can be explored for free from websites just like this one and by building relationships with active local real estate investors. We share information in minutes which people pay thousands to get.

The important local details are often not included in real estate gurus courses and products. The missing details usually involve, local and state laws, local restrictions, what areas make good investor neighbourhoods.

Property investors who know an area in which they want to buy can save time and money. Stop wasting time and money searching for the next big lie and myth. If you own or control real estate when it goes up in value, you win…if it goes down, you lose, simple…right?

Truth is most successful property investors did not get to create their wealth all alone. Property investments now is focused on personal productivity training, principles of self-management and business management.

Yes! There is a lot of personal stuff intended to actually help you leapfrog into more properties using high performance investing by leveraging quality property which you learn how to select based on a specific criteria.

What kind of lifestyle do you want?

Bear in mind the research contained here is powerful and cutting-edge…

The rock solid foundation is timeless with a wide cross-section of experiences, support and hard-won experiences from some of Australia’s leading street-smart property investors and property developers.

What can you possibly show me? The goal is to help transform your fears, doubts and uncertainty into confidence and control…you want to know what to do, when to do it, and how to invest in property, do smart deals successfully and cost effectively, right?

You see 12 months from now, you could be sitting in one of three places:

1: Worse off than you are today
2: Doing the same as you are today
3: Enjoying serious cash flow, more relaxing and fulfilling lifestyle than you are today…

Want to uncover the hidden cash flow properties and growth corridor area before other investors? Want to consistently and successfully invest in real estate?

You want a money plan with an incredibly simple property investments system to follow or you’ll run out of steam and/or cash.

Want to bridge the gaps between financial planning and real estate?Your property investment goals are you ready to finally get results now?

Would it help you get the edge with deeper understanding in choosing a mentor to model your own success and stick with for creating wealth?

Property investing…want to know how to borrow with the benefits of using other peoples money (OPM) which is referred to as leverage? What are the different types and effective ways to borrow? What structures can minimise high interest rates and borrowing risks?

Times change, markets change, property investment cycles and tax laws change, etc. The good, bad and ugly debt, as home buyer or investor do you buy on your gut feeling and invest for long term gains?

Are you focused on tax savings (negative gearing) or income and/or positive cash flow?

Do you feel real estate prices are going up or down? Do you buy and hold because the value of property doubles every 7 to 10 years? Are you clear, uncertain, confused or super confident about your local property market? Do you want to branch out into other states?

Do you know the fundamentals of what’s driving the market? What if you don’t know how to target suburbs which outperform ensuring profitable results? Do you know how to make deals happen, where to invest, what to buy or how to profit in any market?

Do you feel you need to know it all before investing? Want to avoid making the same costly mistakes other investors made?

Do you think professional property investors need to keep themselves educated, razor sharp and focused? Want to know the multi-million-dollar real estate wealth essence and success habits of professional investors?

You probably already know a property  mentor makes an enormous point of difference for helping you to get consistent growth and confidence for highest results, right?

Still procrastinating? Why you can’t ignore it because here’s the last piece of the puzzle…with simple effective action steps you can take this week and every week.

Want help to get the best possible grounding in property investing, renovations, property developments?

Bottom line: This program will save you time, money and sanity. If you want to take advantage of the unique opportunity to beat your slower moving investor competitors to the punch and leave them in the dust, we would love to hear from you.

When contacting us, please be as specific as possible about how we can help.

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What if you want help in terms of where can you buy? What if you want to know what’s undervalued or what’s going to show you a strong return?

Remove fears, doubts and inaction
Replace uncertainty with knowledge
Move forward with concise confidence
Understand target market conditions
Dominate research and competition

Need help to get laser-focused on your highest income-producing assets, which are structured for multimillion dollar property portfolio?

What if the property investing “school of hard knocks” didn’t apply to you? Want to avoid most costly investor pitfalls?

Australian Property Investors Guide

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