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Buyers Agent

Buyer’s Agent: Why consider using a buyers agent or buyers advocate? Need help buying property?

Home buyers and property investors secret weapon, why you need a buyers agent on your side for spotting the next growth area?

How do you bring all the skills, knowledge and critical elements together into a single decision to buy, right now?

What does a buyers agent really mean to you?

buyers agent
Buyers Agent – Why consider using a buyers agent or buyers advocate?

Buying investment property at a low price is at best tricky and very daunting. Why? Because most elements are in daily flux, with market conditions and listings of available properties…not to mention fierce competition for a specific property.

You already know, it can be painfully daunting, especially if you aren’t familiar with the whole process. Now, if you have a buyer agent or buyer advocate on your side of table, you’re already ahead of the competition from day one…

Generally, buying a home is a major decision and taunting experience, filled with excitement, pleasure, pride, stress and fear all rolled into a roller coaster ride.

The research can quickly consume almost all of your precious time, money and energy, right? The fear of making the wrong decision and not choosing the right property for your family comes down to knowing what you don’t know or need…

You need a clearly defined process or system. Your initial focus is on what you can afford, exactly what property is available at the right price as you’re ready to buy.

Most home buyers and investors feel intimidated because the process is stacked in favour of the seller…of course, that’s exactly who the real agents work for, right?

This is why more and more home buyers and investors are turning to buyer agents for help. Choosing a trusted buyers agent helps you level the playing field, because Property Investments Now strategists care about you and your continued success.

Buyers Agent Helps You to Invest in Property Successfully

Have you at some point in your life stopped to consider investing in property as a vehicle for passive income, retirement or wealth creation for financial freedom?

There are many benefits and reasons to invest in property:

  • Tax minimisation
  • Wealth creation
  • Reduce existing mortgage…

Next is your property investing strategy:

  • Short term
  • Long term
  • Cash flow positive
  • Negatively geared…

Do you know where to start? Firstly, you’re here because you want to find out where to buy investment property, right?

Property Investments Now will show you how easy investing in property can be and what your investing options are.

We help take the guesswork out of the property investment maze by tailoring a property investment strategy to help you achieve financial and personal goals.

Only 17% of people invest in property and, of those, a staggering 80% do not purchase another property. Why? Because it’s a poor investment? Bad tenants? Wrong location? No time to do research?

Perhaps you don’t have the time, skill or right information you need to make an informed decision? Why not let Property Investments Now guide you through the entire process and help make investing in property a profitable experience for you.

Spotting the next growth area before everyone else would put you in a much better position to buy low or under market value and ride the uptake.

Yes! That’s the kind of confidence and feelings you get from an experienced buyers agent on your side…

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Buyers agent helps you level the playing field, rather than working for the seller, so together let’s find out a bit more about why you need a trusted buyers agent?

A buyers gent or buyers advocate is the opposite of a real estate agent. As you already know a real estate agent, the fact is, their commission is based on working for the seller. They’re paid by the seller to get full retail price, right?

Your buyers agent helps you by protecting your interests, because you’re paying their commission. If you buy the right property for your needs, at the right price, on the right terms and with unbiased advice, its a win, win property investment…

Why pay for research, which you can do yourself? Good question…glad you asked because l’ll give you key reasons a caring buyers agent will help you:

  • Focused research means knowing how to target specific locations. This data saves you money, do you know what’s really going on in the property market?
  • Do you have the spare time and skills needed? Want to reduce the work load accumulating the data and stress buying your home or investment property?

In a nutshell, if you’re not in the property game all day, everyday…its terribly nerve-racking, emotional and exhausting. How to avoid the most costly mistakes?

Buyers agent guides and makes the process as hassle free as possible for you:

  • You need the experience of a buyers agent to saves you valuable time because time is one of your most precious assets.
  • Using a buyers agent gives you back your weekends because a buyers agent sifts through all the data and bridges gaps in your knowledge.
  • Buyers agent have insider industry contacts to widen your options, which gives you instant access to every property for sale, even the hidden sales you never find out about…

Why use a buyers agent?  Many people do, especially overseas property investors. In Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane the demand is growing rapidly as 1 in 4 buyers now use a buyers agent for independent professional property investment advice.

Why can’t a real estate agent help you? A real estate agent must act in serving the best interest of one party…the seller.

A real estate agent does not care or work for you the buyer. You just can’t work for both sides, think about it. How can a real estate agent do both effectively without creating a conflict of interest?

How to find a good buyers agent because not all buyers agents are the same?

Need help?

We'd love to connect and hear from you. It would be great if you'd take a minute to fill out your contact information. We'll be in touch with you shortly. Thank You!
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Here are some questions you can ask a buyers agent before engaging them:

1. Are you an experienced buyers agent? You need help from a buyers agent with extensive real world experience in the property investment industry.

  • Don’t risk putting what could be one of the largest purchases in your life in the hands of somebody who doesn’t have years of experience necessary to negotiate on your behalf…
  • Don’t be tempted to engage somebody just because they offer lower fees. If they provide great service and add real value for their clients, they wouldn’t have to win new business by offering low fees…

2. Does the buyers agent hold current professional indemnity insurance? What if something goes wrong with your property purchase? You’ll have greater risk and exposure with absolutely no recourse if this is not the case.

3. Are you a dedicated buyers agent? You need a buyers agent which provides you a high standard of care and service.

There’s an overwhelming amount of data needed when searching and negotiating for properties, so they must be a dedicated professional focused on this process.

4. Does the buyers agent specialise in the specific geographic location and price range you’re wanting? What if the buyers agent doesn’t have a solid track record of buying in the area you’re wanting to buy?

We suggest you don’t engage their services. Why? Because you want results, right?

5. Does the buyers agent have access to hidden or silent sales? Did you know many of the better investment properties that are sold never hit the public market.

Its imperative that your buyers agent has years of personal relationships with all of the real estate agents in the area you’re wanting to buy in, so you get access to these before they go to the general public…

What is considered a reasonable fee for paying a buyers agent? This can be a fixed fee, although its usually a percentage of the final property purchase price.

Generally there’s a registration fee between $1,000 to $2,000 and a fee for finding the right property for you and successfully negotiating the purchase on your behalf.

Buyers agent fees structure should be simple, clear and cover these key elements:

  • All communications and meetings with you
  • Referrals to appropriate consultants such as finance, accounting and legal professionals if necessary
  • Property searching for a suitable property including communications and meetings with agents.
  • Use of all their research databases
  • Evaluating properties to ensure they suit your criteria.
  • Preparation of property reports to help you evaluate the properties they recommend to you.
  • Communications with your finance broker, solicitor and accountant.
  • All due diligence checks including strata, building, pest inspections as required (you’re required to pay for these services separately).
  • Successful strategies to buy property for you at low prices by negotiating your property purchase
  • Checking final contracts and pre settlement inspections.

If you need help buying investment properties, either traditional or positive cash flow property and you’re seriously considering a buyers agent, why not engage Property Investments Now as your secret weapon?

You can get instant access to Australia’s premier property buyers agents on your side, working diligently just for you and not the seller…it all makes sense, right?

Buyer’s Agent

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