Buying Investment Property

Buying Investment Property 


Buying investment property…the big question is where to buy? Think twice about investing in property markets you are not familiar with. To help you navigate this valuable section deals with specific checklists and risk mitigation for your financial success.


buying investment property
Checklists -buying investment property

Buying Investment Property – Buying off the Plan Checklist

  • Keep this checklist with you when you are researching buying property off the plan.

Buying Investment Property – Development Expense Checklist

  • Keep this exhaustive list handy to ensure you anticipate all potential development costs

Buying Investment Property – Ending a Tenancy Checklist

  • Looking to terminate a tenancy, this checklist will be able to guide you through the most common steps to make ending a tenancy as easy as possible.

Buying Investment Property – Property Value Checklist

  • Use this simple check list to quickly and easily determine the value of a property

Buying Investment Property – Property location checklist

  • Researching to buy a new investment property? This property location check list will help you determine whether this is a good investment or one that you might want to avoid.

Buying Investment Property – Tenants Wear & Tear or Damage Checklist

  • Your last tenants have left and you’re inspecting the property. What counts as damage and what’s simple wear and tear?

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Buying Investment Property 

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