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Property advice...why would anyone want to buy investment property? Most people are gamblers and greed takes over. Either through receiving poor financial advice or cashing in on the ability to make more money, people often get too much credit.

Property advice, the market contracts and people find themselves cash strapped. There’s always the temptation to rush in searching only to find its in the wrong area or a complete mess. As they say, if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

Choosing the right investment property can be very difficult to find because there are so many different variables. Is it worth paying extra for investment property with more features? Do you need help with proven and reliable property advice?

Property advice with a disciplined approach to investing:

  • Take the time to fully investigate the deal
  • Terms of the deal need to be properly documented
  • Seek out good advice from a professional and use it…

Successful investors rely on a disciplined approach to minimise the avoidable costly mistakes and risks which are inherent in any investment, even if it means missing out on a deal. After all, there’s always another deal or opportunity, right?

To answer your property investments questions, are you buying to hold an income producing asset for providing you with the security of ongoing income streams (rental) tax deductions or ultimately a significant increase in net worth or capital growth?

Investing in property is very similar to any other business. Is there time to get emotional? Forget about how lovely property looks, your main criteria is bottom line, how much it costs you and how much it can make:

  • Finding real estate opportunities is an extremely time consuming process
  • Doing due diligence and trying to accurately value deals is expensive
  • Hundreds of thousands of other property investors in the market
  • Its getting more difficult and harder to get to the best deals first…
property advice
Property Advice - as they to prepare and you prepare to fail.

What if you lose your capital? Savvy property investors don’t buy a property investments praying and hoping its equity brings good returns. As mentioned earlier, you need to do your research and buy where the opportunity for growth is greatest.

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Here’s some property advice and points to consider for every property investment which must undergo in order to pass the test, because each property investment must qualify 100% in each of the following points:

  • Qualify for full depreciation allowance
  • Highest growth area
  • Preference for brick and tile
  • Excellent transport facilities
  • Close to schools
  • Good valuation
  • Spacious in area inside/out
  • Approved by Banks, Insurance Companies
  • Low maintenance building and grounds
  • High capital growth opportunity
  • Highest building standards
  • Close proximity to shopping centres
  • Reputable property consultant
  • Reliable property management
  • Close proximity to major city
  • High employment area
  • In high demand by agents
  • Correctly structured finance
  • Pleasing landscape setting
  • High standard of security

Property advice to help you understand Property Investments Now network of professionals. The goal is to provide you with simple, yet valuable information on property investments and strategy to make you money with real estate investments.

Get the terms of the deal and security right. Need help with how to finance and protect your property investments? How to maximise your investment property return through professional property management and residential property planners?

Property advice from a data base of Australian property investors including quality builders and developers is the result of extensive research and over 20 years experience in property investment. You want the right property to fit your needs, right?

Property Investments Now provides the knowledge to bring together skills, strategy, expertise and resources so you can confidently invest in property investments with confidence through ongoing network support:

  • Increase your chances of property investing success
  • Reduce inherent risks attached to property investment
  • Save money and research time

Feel free to contact us for a free information pack or to arrange an obligation free property investment coaching session.

Property investment really doesn’t need to be so difficult. Discover how we can help you achieve your goals and build a more successful property portfolio. We all have dreams. Property Investments Now can help make yours a reality…

How to Avoid Over Finance?

Property Advice

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