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You want to take your first step towards an amazing property investment opportunity, right?

Model For Success…Does Property Mentoring Work?

Property Investments Now is an independent organisation which provides resources and help to property investors. This includes general advice in relation to property investing, goal setting with a personal degree of accountability.

All in all the advice provided is of a general nature and not tailored to specific financial circumstances, needs and goals.

The education including mentoring program is not structured to offer investment properties or decisions, nor to provide specific accounting, tax or property advice which is provided by a solicitor, accountant or other professional advisers.

Consulting with independent legal, accounting and other advisers ensures any advice or concepts learned from education and programs can be tailored to your specific needs.

Property Investments Now does not hold an Australian Financial Services licence or has any intention to provide financial advice or recommending specific financial products, property investments or selling of financial products.

Mentoring allows you to leverage the groundwork, dig into much greater detail and show you how to get all the numbers,  how to put it all together for analysis and how to draw conclusions based on your goal or strategy.

Our mentoring goes a step beyond what others offer, since we put more emphasis on the “why?” and on how you use the numbers and analysis in real deals…not theory.

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.” Chinese Proverb

Want to participate in our Property Investments Now program? Like you, we invest only in property assets. Everyone we work with in this program has the ability to be successful, unfortunately it is easier to say you want to succeed than actually succeeding.

It’s no secret successful property investors actively buy positive cash flow properties to create cash lump sums and equity gains. Want to see exactly how to search for these opportunities, deal with agents, inspect properties, crunch numbers and negotiate deals?

Whatever it is you are wanting to achieve within real estate, someone has already done and perfected it and that’s why we are focused exclusively on real estate only. Doesn’t it make sense to put your time in learning from the right people?

If you think about it:

  • Know all the shortcuts
  • Know all the pitfalls
  • Know who to talk to
  • Know where to go
  • Know where to get money
  • Know how to find the deals
  • Know how to give you all the education…

You get the point…we all know mentoring/coaching is the single fastest way to get to the next level, right? Part of what makes us good at what we do is knowing what we are good at and doing it with laser focus. One very important point is knowing what we do not do…

Make no mistake, getting into Property Investments Now program is not a gift. We are not brokers or real estate agents (a real estate license is not required, we’re not brokering or representing properties because we are professional investors).

We’re dedicated and committed to helping you get extraordinary results. We only work with people which are hungry and enthusiastic. If you bring an open mind with the right attitude, we can mentor/coach you to become a savvy, proactive investor and area expert.

This is not a gimmick, joke, game or mentoring program where we make money on training and you wonder if you’ll ever get any value.

There are no up sells, not today and not ever. If you’re wanting us to sell you property, please don’t apply because this is not for you…

Want to know how you can get ahead quicker by investing strategically in the right types of real estate and property deals?

Nervous/anxious dealing with councils, real estate agents, banks and solicitors, etc?

Want mentors/coaches to help you navigate your way through complete processes to get consistently better investment results?

Want a one-on-one personal property mentor/coach with private workshops showing you exactly how to get into property, avoiding the most costly pitfalls and how to buy smart?

Experts helping you step-by-step with guidance on how to get into property investments and get it right:

  • How to deal with real estate agents so you get on top of their list.
  • How to work out whether you’ll get finance before you approach the bank.
  • How to leverage first home buyer’s grant
  • How to set-up a basic investment budget.
  • How to negotiate buying property so you buy for less.
  • How to know which properties are best performers; houses, units or apartments?
  • How to spot a growth area and/or buy in the right areas
  • Understanding what are realistic yields, and cash-on-cash returns
  • How to do a basic and accurate property feasibility
  • How to be first to find out about properties before they’re listed for sale
  • How to understand a contract and what to watch out for before signing
  • How to build your A-Team of quality advisors to minimise mistakes
  • How to overcome any fears about investing and borrowing
  • And so much more to help you get ahead and moving forward confidently…

Register now for your FREE consultation with one-on-one property investment coach. Why get help from one of the leading investment property coaches in Australia?

No one teaches real estate investors how to attract successful, long lasting, profitable partnerships. Learn how to easily leverage the experience, time, influence and funds of successful investors into your success.

Strictly limited places: We only mentor a small group, so places are very limited to a maximum of 10. We want to collaborate with responsible people, which take productive action as required. What are you waiting for…get started now!

We confidently provide you with no obligation, risk free initial property investment mentoring/coaching session to help you better understand your financial position and plan steps towards your wealth goals:

  • Want to join other investors securing your family’s long term future by investing in property?
  • Maybe you’ve considered property investments although don’t know where to start?
  • Are you interested in understanding more but don’t know how much you can afford?

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At Property Investments Now we look forward to joining you on this investing adventure. Get mentoring with great old fashioned face-to-face personal service ensuring your dreams become a strategy and turned into reality…

P.S. Dreams…Strategy…Reality. Please feel free to share with your friends, thank you!

“This property investments website is based on personal experience.  There no guarantee you will earn any money using the techniques or products I describe in this material or on my website. Any content or information presented here is not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Income potential is entirely dependent on the person applying these techniques and/or using these products. Your level of success in attaining these types of results depends on the time you devote to the business, your financial situation and your knowledge with skill level. Because these vary widely between individuals, I cannot guarantee or predict your success or income.”

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