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Property investment resources guide to financial freedom: As you already know property investing is an increasingly complex area, so it pays you to get  advice based on current information of property investment strategies and up-to-date knowledge of the Australian market.

Property Investments Now can help you irrespective of the current size and type of your property investment portfolio. So whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced property investor wanting to expand your portfolio and get access to a professional network of property investment experts.

Some clients simply want property investment advice allowing them to take care of all the details themselves. Other clients engage us to do comprehensive due diligence on investment properties they’ve sourced themselves.

Maybe you know a specific type of property you want to buy, but you lack confidence, skill or time to ensure your property contains no hidden issues or problems? Perhaps you want to remain anonymous and let us negotiate purchase on your behalf?

Property Investments Now expertise covers real estate acquisitions, property development, property management and finance. We can help you with a comprehensive range of services providing you with independent, up-to-date information and advice on all areas of property investments…

  • A comprehensive review of your current property portfolio or desired portfolio
  • How to finance your property investment portfolio to optimize returns
  • Which locations and property asset types you should consider and why
  • Appropriate buying strategy and effective negotiation strategy
  • What to recognise as value and value-added opportunities
  • Advising on a strategic approach to maximise capital growth and tax effectiveness
  • How to avoid costly property investment errors especially if you’re just starting out
  • How to structure strong tenant leases, property development strategies and advice
  • Comprehensive feasibility guidance and due diligence
  • How to ensure you can keep on investing successfully

Property Investments Now is independent which is as important to you as our depth of property expertise. We act solely for you and have no ties to real estate agents or vendors.

Irrespective of your current level of expertise in these areas we’re here to help you. Feel free to connect and talk because we can share benefits of our experience and up-to-date knowledge gained from day-to-day dealings in property investments now.

Property Investments Resources

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