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Our focus is helping you and your family invest in your better lifestyle with smart, savvy choices for your financial freedom

Property Investments Now has formed strategic alliances with licensed professionals in real estate, financial planning, financial services and property development to provide clients with a comprehensive property investment service.

All this is provided for you at a cost effective entry level to receive quality service and expertise in all aspects of property investments, asset planning and financial independence.

The ability to become truly financially secure is available to everyone because as you may already know the average super pay out only provides one quarter of your required income in retirement.

We’re sure you’ve heard this alarming statistic because those who live to retirement 93% are dependent on friends, relatives, a job or living on charity. By purchasing  even one investment you can double your super nest egg. We share strategies showing how you may never need to sell your investments with the right choices available for you to take advantage of today…

Our Research Sources:

• Australian Bureau of Statistics
• Department of Planning
• RP Data Research
• Local Government Association
• Residex

We help to identify areas and target neighbouring suburbs which could move next:

  • Discover the suburbs which are producing 10-30% sales price growth right now
  • Why investing in high growth areas rapidly increases your equity faster
  • Top 30+ suburbs producing 10%+ gross rental yields ideal for positive cash flow
  • Why certain suburbs allow you to buy investment property for as little as $45,000

Why not start investing now rather than sitting on the sideline? I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s worth connecting with a professional team for all this valuable advice.

Property Investments Now can be your insiders cutting-edge tool for making the decision-making process easy and fun. We’re confidently committed to you and your continued success by using only reliable and proven, very powerful investment strategies integrated with your goals, both personal and financial.

Property Investments Now is focused on helping you for all the right reasons vs. closing the deal just for our benefit. We believe no matter what your investment goals or strategies, the right investment is to invest in your better lifestyle...

Join free and start utilising unique cash flow strategies as members are really benefiting from this exclusive [imwb_cgt_cityName], [imwb_cgt_regionName] property investments group. All of us believe in this exciting journey of wealth creation and financial freedom…

Property Investments Now represents a safe bridge across a river for you to invest in your better lifestyle from your own personal perspective. We’re not here pushing, shoving or convincing you to buy investment property which doesn’t fit your financial goals.

As leading property investment advisors and strategists, we’re providing real world cutting edge advice for home buyers and property investors with independent and unbiased property advice, so no pressure because it’s completely your choice…

We’re buyers advocates in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth helping clients research, locate and negotiate buying investment property, and positive cash flow property with a personalised property investments system.

Regardless of your strategy, whether you need help finding your own home or cash flow investment property, whether it’s at auction or private sale…we can help you.

Property Investments Now helps investors maximize profits and (ROI) return on investments through added-value property investment management and finance.

While property investments can be profitable, many home buyers and property investors get themselves into trouble because they don’t know what they don’t know. We help you avoid problems by doing all your due diligence and research.

There’s a lot of complexities to understand, which is involved with investing in property. What if it’s your first investment property? Perhaps you’re already a seasoned professional investor with multiple portfolios?

Property Investments Now listens, clearly identifies and understands your problems by structuring the most effective financial solution with experienced team of:

  • Finance strategist
  • Finance broker specialist
  • Mortgage specialist

You can get instant access to your own team of proactive property investors with in-depth understanding to help you in all areas of property investments market.

Professional to help guide you in the fastest and safest ways to grow profits. They know exactly what to look for in financing your property investments:

  • Refinance
  • Renovating
  • Developments
  • First Home Buyers
  • Personal Finance
  • Loan Consolidation
  • Property investments

Property investments made easy with professional advice, proven experience and knowledge providing a personalised solution for your specific investing needs…

Need help with your property investments? Need help to increase your cash flow and return on investments? You’re encouraged to ask questions and send your valued comments!

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P.S. Property Investments Now are property finders and buyer agents providing you with unique services, which specialises in sourcing traditional capital growth and positive cash flow properties for real estate investors.

As property finders we’re aligned to you and not the real estate agents or property developers. We source properties well in advance of the general public. What this means is home buyers or investors get first opportunity to maximise their profits.

As buyers agent (buyers advocate) we negotiate on your behalf with real estate agents and/or property developers in order to protect, plus secure the right kind of investment property at best price possible for you.

Finally You Can Easily Start Helping Yourself and Family By Turning Your Dreams Into More Profits For You Faster With Positively Geared Property Investments…

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