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Property Investments

Why Property Investments Now? We’re here to specifically help you create wealth through property investing. We share advice and strategies you can trust from Australia’s leading real estate, tax, property development and finance experts.

To keep up-to-date with regular property investment updates, please click here if you want the ultimate advantages of real world expert advice with the key legal structure insights for your own continued success in property investing…

If you want the right positive cash flow property or investment property as a successful property investor, buying investment property is simply not enough…

Why? Because you need a strategic plan with a combination of the following:

  • How to successfully plan for investing in property with little or no money
  • Why use cash flow strategies with high growth investment properties
  • The key property strategy to avoid the most common and costly mistakes
  • How to reduce your tax bill through expert tax advice and structures
  • Quick access to low risk advice on quantified equity and financial structures
  • Substantially increase profits with secure asset protection strategies

The common mistakes are far too risky for many property investors entering the property market without practical research skills in all the above strategies.

As a result, most home buyers and property investors don’t achieve the profits or lifestyle they’re after through property investing. To reach your financial peak, you need a personalised property investments strategy system.

That’s why Property Investments Now provides an unmatched one-stop investment property solution for home buyers and property investors.

Property Investments Now sources investment properties to fit your plan, which makes property investing simple because the solution provides you with a unique approach to property investing

You can quickly and easily avoid losing money and costly mistakes supported by a team of specialists such as:

  • Tax accountants
  • Financial advisers
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Company or trust structure specialists.

After understanding your financial position and risk profile, we crunch numbers, explore the profitability and develop a strategic property investments system and wealth creation strategy personalised to your situation…makes sense?

Property Investments Now can help you:

  • Develop performance based, tax effective property investment strategy personalised to your lifestyle goals and financial situation
  • Supply positive cash flow property as part of investment property portfolio
  • Provide you with pre-released access to new investment properties with high growth in Australia’s up-and-coming hotspots
  • Supply comprehensive reports with the most efficient finance structures
  • Help you to quickly maximize your tax deductions
  • Implement advanced cash flow strategies for buying investment property
  • Protect your property assets from creditors or lawsuits
  • Buy investment property in company trust structure
  • Take care of all aspects of your property transaction from start to finish

Property Investments Now takes the guesswork out of property investing, which means you get the financial solution you need to make smart property decisions, build wealth and achieve far greater financial results than you ever thought possible.

If you’re a first time home buyer, property investor or professional investor using a company or family trust structures, Property Investments Now can help you add value to every aspect of your property investments portfolio…

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Ultimately, what this means to you is you get a proven, step-by-step system, which is strategically focused on your property investments education, better results maximising profits for passive cash flow and enjoying a better lifestyle.

Property Investments

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  1. For example would you invest in a off the plan property that is not yet built, where the deposit is $30,000 and the developer has no other properties up and running yet, though some are already built but not being used?

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