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What is your investment strategy? There are many different strategies for property investment, right? Property Investments Now believes anybody in Australia can become financially free and live the life they want through positive cash flow property.

Many Australians have already embraced the changes moving into residential property investing which is quickly replacing a significant part of their stock investments portfolio choosing property investments for their financial and retirement plan.

buy Investment property
Property Strategy - Buy Investment property

What if you don’t have a property strategy? Why not let Property Investments Now show you how simple, yet effective property investing can be for you.  Here is the simple process which can work towards your goals: 

Secure a loan approval as we can help determine your borrowing capacity for the right price range of property and secure a loan pre-approval. The loan should have an interest only term, usually for up to 5 years enabling you to make the most of your tax benefits during the first few expensive years of the loan.

Source new house and land packages in high growth, high rental yield areas, usually in new estates because investing in these areas can be more cost effective providing exceptional, consistent capital growth whilst not being a weekly cash flow burden.

It is true you can achieve higher capital growth in inner cities, although you need to consider your increased capital outlay and weekly cash expenses. You may find its easier to purchase more properties in new growing suburbs. Buying land you save thousands of dollars in stamp duty etc…

Buy land direct from the developer of the project because this saves thousands of dollars of stamp duty as you only pay stamp duty on the value of the land and cuts out any of your profit going to the middle man. By the time the land is ready to build on, and after the building has been completed, the value of the land generally increases.

It is the land which  appreciates so one month prior to completion date we instruct a property manager to secure a tenant ready to move in.  We make sure you’re covered by all the necessary insurances including landlord insurance.

Arrange for a depreciation schedule from a quantity surveyor to achieve the maximum depreciation benefits from a new property. Prepare a PAYG tax variation lodgement so you can claim tax benefits on each pay period and help fund your weekly cash expenses.

The beauty of property is the simplicity to repeat this process until you’ve got your desired amount of property to help fund your retirement. Positive cash flow properties can provide investments for ten years so you profit from good capital growth.

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P.S.  You can choose to sell some investments at retirement to pay out mortgages on the remaining properties and also continue to live comfortably off the rental income from these properties…

Property Strategy

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