Property Investments Blueprint for Wealth

Property Wealth Strategy Creation and Management


Property wealth strategy, you’re asking what type of properties should we invest in? You need to consider your own strengths before buying investment property. That’s the reason why a property investments blueprint for wealth is key for making the right decisions…

Property wealth strategy, isn’t it time your money started working for you? The first question is what does financial freedom mean to you? Do you want the choice in how you live and enjoy life?

To achieve this outcome means you need to start shifting your mindset and behaviours from making money through personal effort (working in a job or as self employed) to passive income streams via property investments.

property wealth strategy
Property wealth strategy means formulating a blueprint of wealth through property…

You need to know the dollar amount in context to how much cash flow/money do you need coming in each month/year from your property portfolio to be wealthy and financially free.

Property wealth strategy diagram below shows an example where to get $100,000 passive income.

property wealth
Property wealth strategy creation, tax and management…

The property wealth strategy goal is to consistently step-by-step make the transition over a specified realistic timeframe (for example 10-15 years) to go from personal effort in generating income to financial freedom.

Property wealth strategy at an average inflation rate means future dollar income must adjust to future dollar values, so you’d aim for $155,000 instead of $100,000. In the simple example above you can see a portfolio where it’s 50% leveraged (which is the level of borrowings) representing future portfolio value of $6,200,000.

Property wealth strategy in terms of growth in average property values means only an acquisition of seven properties over 15 years. This is a possibility for most Australians to achieve this kind of result.

Going back to the first step, you need a plan and that’s exactly what the property investment blueprint for wealth is designed to do.

How to build your property portfolio and why invest in residential property? To build a property portfolio you need to formulate and stick with a consistent investment property wealth strategy.

Many property investors do not embrace this strategy because they can’t believe something simple can be so effective. The formula is simply to buy income-producing residential property that’s appropriately financed to achieve maximum tax benefits .

As cash flows and property values rise, you refinance so your liabilities (your borrowings) increase with your assets, enabling you to decrease debt while building wealth. This property wealth strategy gives you the opportunity to retire much earlier, and with more wealth than you could otherwise.

If you want to reduce your debt/liabilities you can sell one or more properties. Ultimately you control your retirement package of residential investment properties which continues to grow in value, producing a regular indexed income in the form of rental income.

Property wealth strategy allows positive leverage and outperform your own pension and superannuation funds. Long term investment in residential property is almost unaffected by downturns in the economy, high interest rates, fuel crises and high unemployment.

Property wealth strategy is a vehicle which is used in Australia for the past 100 years. The combined returns from capital growth and rental yields have averaged more than 15% per year compounding and with positive cash flow gearing, returns increase dramatically.

Property Wealth Strategy

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