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What about reading any property wealth magazines or books on property investing? So your probably read and heard stories of how successful property investors built their property wealth from scratch. Many of these successful property investors continue to grow their property wealth through property in today’s market, right?

What if these property investors had started at a time when the property market was all good and well…what if prices were much lower and more affordable? What if they just got lucky and stumbled into “gold,” allowing them to buy investment properties and increase passive income?

What if these property investors had to start from scratch? What would they do now to create a $100,000 plus passive income? How would these property investors start building their property wealth from scratch?

Property wealth for example, what if you measure net equity to determine property wealth?  What if you own 2 million dollars worth of property with 1.5 million dollars worth of debt, is your property wealth $500,000?

Property wealth education with Robert Kiyosaki interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. Click play button to watch this 15 minute video…

Property wealth; why finance structures are key to your property investments?

property wealth
Property Wealth – how long can you hold your existing property if you stopped work?

What if you are starting from scratch? What would you do today to create a $100,000 passive income from property wealth strategy?

Do you know the ideal way to structure your loan? Want to explore your property wealth and finance structures knowledge?

What is LVR ?

  • Loan to value ratio (ratio used by lenders to ascertain your equity levels)
  • Loan rating versus risk (ratio used by banks to ascertain your credit rating)
  • Likely value record (ratings system used to value your property)

What is a DSR?

  • Hidden fee charged by banks
  • Debt Service Ratio (used to ascertain the level of equity in your property)
  • Debt Service Ratio (used by lenders to determine your ability to service loan)
  • Bank fee (used for bad risk clients)

What if you can spend on a credit card and redraw from one facility to pay off this card? Imagine you have a cheap rate loan which combines home loan and investment loans into one facility? Would you save on transaction fees and other costs using more than one facility?What if you place salary against this loan, would you save interest and pay your home loan off quicker?

  • Yes
  • No

Which of the following lenders would you get your loan through?

  • Lender values your property via sale within 90 days
  • Lender values your property via market value of less then 15%
  • Lender values via direct market comparison on local sales
  • Lender uses local bank manager to value property

What is cross collateralisation?

  • Using mortgage insurance (bank approval, and client approval on loan)
  • Using equity in all properties (bank holds security over for loans outstanding with lender)
  • Cross selling of bank products to existing customers (home loans, credit cards, insurance, etc)

Would you redraw built -up equity in your investment loan to go on a holiday and claim interest on full amount?

  • Yes
  • No

What is an all monies mortgage?

  • Mortgage you sign when buying a house (secures all debts with bank, ie home loan, credit card, personal loan, overdraft all under one mortgage)
  • Mortgage you sign when buy investment property (secures your investment loan and your home loan)
  • Mortgage you sign when buy commercial property

Do banks allow you to revalue your property in 12 months or less so you can use this equity to buy more investment property?

  • Yes (always)
  • Yes (depends on bank)
  • No (never)

What if you asked the bank for a copy of valuation on your property which you paid for?

  • Yes (absolutely)
  • No (that’s against their policy)
  • Yes/No (depends)

What if your property wealth is based on yield and cash flow? Now this is a critical number to know and is relevant depending on how you structure finances.

As a home buyer or property investor it would make sense to identify your property wealth to see how you are doing right?

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Property Wealth

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