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How to Get The Right Building Inspector?

Why Choose a Building Inspector?

Are you investing in a property or moving into a newly constructed house or even a house which is new to you? Getting a thorough building inspection is paramount, right?

More and more companies are offering building inspection services these days, so you want to ask the questions to determine whether the building inspection services offered meet your needs…

Is the  building inspection service independent of others involved in construction and real estate?

It may seem like a hassle to check on the independence of building inspection services, yet there are many case studies of people caught out by engaging  building inspection services which have direct links to builders and real estate agencies.

The only way to guarantee results based on an objective criteria is to engage a company without ties to any associated areas.

Does the building inspection company hold all the necessary licenses to complete a thorough building inspection?

Australian states vary on whether building inspectors require licences and what specific areas are covered by licences. You want to ask about licence details to avoid non-professional service.

How experienced is the building inspection services and how qualified are they in their area of expertise?

New companies might be good, yet are you prepared to risk limited field-experience for such an important process? You want to always do your due diligence and research company’s history, plus ask as for referrals including building inspector qualifications.

Does the building inspection service train their building inspectors in house? Training building inspectors in-house is the sure fast way a company can monitor and measure results plus guarantee professional building inspection standards.

How does building inspection service company outline and process their reports? A good building inspection service delivers simple and easy to read reports. If you find any points confusing, they are able to explain all the details in layman’s terms.

Does the  building inspection company provide ongoing service and advice? Getting a certified building inspection may not be the end of your task because what if inadequacies are discovered?

It’s important your building inspector can advise on problems with breakdown of costs and course of action to fix problems.

Building Inspector
Building Inspector

Can the  building inspection company offer specific services? For example pool safety, asbestos, pest and mould checks? A pool entails a level of responsibility and a certified pool-safety check can alleviate worries.

Small details like pests and mould can prove very costly down the track, so it’s best to discover the problems up front.

Does the building inspection company offer extended services and consultation hours? What if you’re too busy to attend inspection during business hours? How to avoid hold-ups by engaging a  building inspection service which operates outside of working hours?

Is the  building inspection service a member of an acknowledged Building association? If the service is a member of an acknowledged builders association, they must be up-to-date on legislative and regulatory requirements.

Remember these associations usually don’t endorse brands which are not competent in their fields.

How does the pricing structure of the building inspection service compare with market competitors? Building and moving is expensive enough without incurring unnecessary costs.

Building inspector…you want to be able to compare prices against other building inspection services, so you shouldn’t be afraid to shop around, bearing in mind the cheapest option may not always be the best…

 Building Inspector