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Are Property Mentoring Programs Scams For Unsophisticated Investors?

The Insider Secrets To Finding and Analysing Profitable Property Deals…Exposed!

Dear Property Investor,

The truth will shock you. Have you actually invested and purchased new properties? Even if its a house and land package? If you invested in residential are you relying on property prices doubling in next 7 to 10 years?

Does positive cash flow property seem like a better way to go? People usually get into property investments for the expected increase in value of the property when they sell.

The other strategy is ability to borrow against property to acquire more properties, so logically only you would know if a property mentoring program is a good fit for you…

What’s your impression or experience of a property mentoring program, good, bad worth the investment in context to other mentoring programs you’ve heard or looked at?

What if you don’t learn, understand or know how, where or when to invest in property does it mean you’ll miss out on capital growth and that’s just the tip of the iceberg?

What if you blindly decide to jump in for fear of missing out on the coming property market boom and make expensive mistakes? Would that be a painful experience?

What if you’re new to real estate, does property investing have to be a giant leap into the unknown?  What if you had a handful of cash flow, rented properties under your control?

What if you could ask any specific property investment question you like?

Let’s be honest, when you’re first starting out and struggling in property investing, for years you may of been trapped into thinking you’re just one deal away from success.

You knew there had to be a way for you to jump on a property boom or trend and ride it to massive financial success…sadly time after time it never worked.

property mentoring programs
Today you’ll explore what are the biggest problems in your investment property strategy…

It seemed like every boom and bust, every deal you entered for one market condition or another it led to disaster after disaster.

Maybe it seemed like the only trend following you in your property investing was debt, frustration and disasters…why?

Because you are missing one simple, yet powerful factor. The insider secret which is likely
holding you back from massive financial success within your property investing system.

How can you tell if this is true or not? Have you made any serious progress in the last three months towards your dream lifestyle and property investments business?

Do you have the right investment portfolio strategy and knowledge with property investments system? Do you want every investment decision to become clearer?

It’s time to make serious progress towards your property investments business so you can get financial stability or freedom you want and live the lifestyle you know is possible.

Finding and analysing an area to invest is in the specifics of each property. It does take work to find the right property to work for you, here’s a check list to get you started:

  1. What it the cash flow status of the property
  2. What is the vacancy rate of the area
  3. What improvements are planned for the area
  4. What is the population growth rate
  5. What is the demographics of the area
  6. What is the competition of the area
  7. What is the employment in the area
  8. What is the average wages in the area
  9. What condition is the property
  10. Does property have furniture
  11. Is there a body corporate in place
  12. Is there a rental guarantee agreement
  13. What is current property management
  14. Is there a leaseback arrangement
  15. In the case of a new or off the plan property, who are the developers
  16. Is there a dual purpose if this is a niche market ( purpose built ) property
  17. What is the land availability in area
  18. What is the proximity of area in location to a large city
  19. What is the age of the property
  20. Is the property at market value
  21. Is the case of a town you are considering based on just one industry
  22. Are you being strategic and business minded in your approach

There you have it, just follow the above and you have guaranteed success…but wait there’s still more, because nothing will guarantee you property investing success.

What Are Property Mentoring Programs Good For?

Property mentoring programs have their uses, yet no program will ever replace real life experiences.

Here’s why you’d consider signing up for a property mentoring program:

  • Learn property investing in context to understanding financials
  • Make better decisions investing in property with real case studies
  • Get technical skills and knowledge before you actually start investing
  • Serve as a quick guide when you’re closing deals and need feedback, etc
  • Networking opportunities if your property mentoring program provides it

Types of Property Mentoring Programs?

Basically there are 2 types of property mentoring programs which are live, in-person and self-study. Live, in-person last for a few hours, days or take place over several weekends.

You go in-person and listen as the mentor teaches, while you follow along and learn how to build your own property portfolio using various investment strategies.

You ask questions, get 1-on-1 interaction and even complete homework assignments. This type of mentoring is expensive, always at least $5,000 and often more like $10,000.

property mentoring program
Property mentoring program, if the price tag doesn’t shock you the lack of results will do the trick…

What About Self-Study Programs?

You get a series of materials on property investing like books, CDs, DVDs or online videos and you complete the course yourself. You can ask questions via online forums, but it’s not the same as being there in-person with the mentor.

The advantage is you can go at your own pace and still learn the required material. Plus, it’s more affordable; most programs are $5000 with some even less than or under $3,000 .

Which Property Mentoring Program is The Best Fit For You?

Perhaps you’re biased towards in-person, because it’s worth paying for this extra level of training, even if its more expensive, (unless program has solid networking opportunities and you can actually use it).

If you can find one like that, the price tag justifies itself. But most property mentoring programs don’t offer networking, so you could waste piles of money on false hope.

If you’re interested in preparing for property investing, self-study courses may be a better, more affordable option.

Right now, I’m going to give you a free 15 minutes property investing strategy session. On this one-on-one call, here’s what is going to happen:

  • We’re going to go through everything and figure out why its not working
  • We’re then going to discover what you need to do to fix it
  • Your going to discover a very powerful 3 step system your property investments business must have if you want to succeed in 2014. (it’s nearly impossible to succeed without this).
  • Were going to figure out the exact strategy and sources you should be using and why…
  • You’ll discover how to know if your market is the right one for you and how to find a better one if it’s not
  • How to cut your research hours way back and make more progress faster…
  • The one step you need now if you ever want a shot of making a profit in 2014
  • We’ve only scratched the surface, there’s lots more…

This is a personalized call because YOU are unique and so is your property investment goals. Therefore without question or doubt you’ll need a unique plan to help you live your dream life verses using “canned” tools and outdated methods.

Simply enter your name and email below now to discover how to get started:

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To your continued success,

P.S. This is designed to help YOU figure out the best property investing strategy, sources and system which allows you to leverage a sustainable property portfolio and income,
which takes you to the next level of lifestyle fast.

BTW places are strictly very limited, act quickly as we’re expecting another quick take up and bear in mind before anyone else makes any outrageous promises to you:

  • Set aside 15 minutes to talk personally. During this time, a mentor will evaluate your investing strategy and work  with you to create an immediately actionable plan
  • If you enjoy the conversation, get value, we can discuss working together
  • There’s no charge for this initial conversation and no catch or obligation

Now the next step is lets connect and talk over the phone so we can see if this unique property mentoring program is right for you and you are right for us…

Property Mentoring Program